The Ultimate List of Black Owned Makeup Brands #BOMB


Today I will be sharing with you The Ultimate List of Black Owned Makeup brands #BOMB! I hope you will support a Black Owned Makeup Brand after reading this list.

If you’re a makeup junkie I’m sure you’ve already heard about the #BOMB challenge that was created by 2 beauty influencer’s on YouTube. Alissa Ashley and Alyssa Forever . Check out their video’s below.

***Alissa Ashley has since changed her video to “private” after a public disagreement with the brand Juvia’s Place***

With everything that has taken place lately, especially in America with police brutality towards Black people. It is a welcomed refresher for the black communities to come together and support each other in any way possible. Another beauty guru on YouTube Jackie Aina has co-signed this challenge and has recommended all beauty YouTubers to do this challenge regardless of race. Jackie also joined in on the challenge, her video is below.

So with that all being said, I have compiled a list of all the Black Owned Makeup Brands #BOMB that I could find. The list is divided into 2 sections; 1. brands that are solely black owned and notable mentions. In the notable mentions sections, you will find brands that are not black owned, but offer a range of products for women of color. As well as brands that sell nail polish, and supporting products like lip scrubs. The ultimate list of black owned Bath and Body Products will be coming soon! I hope you enjoy this list, and share it with a friend! In the near future, I do aspire for Luxe XO to produce a cosmetics line that will be added to this long list of wonderful makeup brands. #BOMB

Black Owned Makeup Brands

AJ Crimson Beauty – Named after the creator makeup Artist AJ Crimson himself, not only will you find an abundance of products to choose from. You can sign up for makeup education also.

Ashuntae Sheriff Beauty – Perfect your complexion with foundation and perfect blending brushes by Owner Ashunta Sheriff

Aularale Cosmetics – Based in Atlanta GA, this black owned makeup brand offers a variety of cosmetics and skin care products for women of color. The CEO is Alton Trawick.

Baabs Beauty – Owner and MUA Necia Boston gives us a line of cosmetics that are hypoallergenic and cruelty free.

Beauty Bakerie  – CEO Cashmere Nicole has outdone herself, this black owned makeup brand has all the “goodies” you need for a perfect makeup look.

Beauty Brownie – Sisters Jarette and Gabby Samuels have created lipstick colors that look good on brown skin.

Big Girl Cosmetics – This black owned makeup brand has everything you need to complete your look, from skin care to makeup, founder and CEO Kiley Russell has you covered.

Bovanti Cosmetics – Created by Anita Bohannon and her husband, this line offers a variety of makeup, skin care and tools.

BLAC Minerals – Creator Merced Saint Boyce gives us natural makeup for women of color. Only using ingredients you would want to have on your skin.

Celfie Cosmetics – Jamaican CEO Nicole Harding created this line; known for it’s bold and brilliant colors, with every skin tone in mind.

Coloured Raine – Selling a variety or products to complete your full makeup look, as well as nail polish. This black owned makeup brand is available at select stores in NYC and the United Kingdom. The CEO is Loraine Roberts Dowdy.

Dalynn Cosmetics – Owned by MUA Danielle Dalynn. Dalynn cosmetics provides high quality cosmetics at affordable price points. Virgin Malaysian hair is also available from this brand.

Danessa Myricks Beauty – Owner Danessa Myricks has created a black owned makeup brand that offers makeup, lashes and makeup brushes.

Eleven08 Cosmetics – Founded by Courtney Tucker, this is a boutique cosmetics line that provides hypoallergenic and paraben free makeup for women of all shades.

Fashion Fair – This black owned makeup brand has been in the business for over 40 years, providing both makeup and skin care to women of color across the globe. Owned by Johnson Publishing company and founded by Mrs Eunice Walker Johnson and her late husband John Harold Johnson.

Glow by Melodye – Owner Melodye personally creates lip glosses in a variety of colors. “My goal was to create a product that my customers feel good about.”

Gold Label Cosmetics – Owner Kristen Elise Brown provides us with precious lippies in gold detailed packaging.

Hue Noir – CEO and Founder Paula Hayes has created custom handmade cosmetics. Free shipping and free returns is offered within continental USA.

IVIVIIV Cosmetics  – 1675 Cosmetics founder Samantha created this line to carry on the legacy of her deceased brother. This black owned makeup brand offers products for eyes, lips, face and body.

Jae Face Cosmetics – CEO Jennifer offers a few essentials to add to your makeup collection.

Jay Jill Cosmetics – Quality cosmetics that are made in Canada and USA. Paraben free and animal friendly, created by owner Jill St. Williams.

Joy Lorraine Cosmetics – Trinidadian born MUA Joy Holder brings us a professional makeup line that also sells makeup brushes and skin care.

Juvia’s Place  – Everything you need to get your eyes ready to smize. Find eyeshadow palettes and eyelashes here. The CEO is Chichi Eburu.

Ka’oir Cosmetics – Model Keyshia Kaior started this black owned makeup brand with just 12 shades of lipstick, and has now expanded it to include eyeshadow and nail lacquers.

Ketta Vaughn Cosmetics – MUA Ketta Vaughn has created products for a full face of makeup, and brushes too!

Komplex Blends – Komplex Blends offers a variety of products for a variety of skin tones. Founded by Karian Newby-Durham; a portion of the proceeds goes to the Parkinson’s foundation in honor of the founder’s grandmother Sallie V.

Lamik Beauty – Founder Kim Roxie gives us the first “Eco-Chic” makeup line. Specializing in natural products in recyclable packaging.

Laws of Nature Cosmectics – Natural vegan cosmetics that are paraben and cruelty free. Founded by Jasmine Rose in 2007.

Mocca Cosmetics – This black owned makeup brand offers a variety of makeup and skin care products. “Real Makeup, for Real Women.” Owned by Kenna Williams Baccus.

Lip Addyct – An exceptional lip care line that was born out of love for lip gloss and women. The owner is Adrienne Owens.

Loladé Cosmetics – Find makeup and skin care products that are paraben free and packed with vitamins A, C, and E. Owner Donté Sparks says the message of her brand is “Total Beauty”.

LUV Mineral Cosmetics – CEO Melodie Ray Davis-Bundrage has developed eco-beauty line offering prestige sustainable beauty products for women of color.

Magnolia Makeup – Sisters Niala and Tia Howard offer you highly pigmented makeup to make sure you stand out in the crowd.

MDM Flow – Florence Adepoju handmakes products in ultra cute packaging. Currently only lippies and a mascara is available from this line.

Moni B. Cosmetics – Lip products to perfect your pout. Sold at select locations in NC. The CEO is Moni Brodie.

Plain Jane Beauty – This “green” black owned makeup brand is just one 4 amazing brands created by CEO Lake Louise. The parent company Skin Mind Body Essentials also has 3 other companies under its wing.  Lotus Moon, SON for men and Detox RX.

Pink Stiletto Cosmetics – Owned by MUA and formulator Crystal Carmen, this black owned makeup brand provides customizable cosmetics and body care products.

PnkDigger – The owner Stephanie has created a line of lip products that are free of petroleum, parabens and animal-derived ingredients.

REVEL by Julian Lark Cosmetics – Owned by celebrity fashion expert Julian Lark, Revel provides a range of make up products as well as clothing. Julian Lark is also the owner of Kontrol Magazine.

ShaBella Cosmetics – MUA and Owner Chanel Dior offers us a variety of lipstick colors, makeup tools and skin care items.

Sheeq Cosmetics – Jamaican born founder Melissa Hibbert provides a line of cosmetics that are paraben free, fragrance free, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and allergy tested.

Sp3ctrum Cosmetics – Is a natural cosmetics brand, 10% of every purchase goes to finding the cure for Autism Spectrum. Sp3ctrum Cosmetics is owned by Amber Rose McDowell.

The Lip Bar – Owner Melissa Butler, has created this line with moisturizing lippies in vibrant colors perfect for melaninated complexions.

Tru Kream Cosmetics – Crystal Tyler is founder and owner of Tru Kream Cosmetics. You can buy nail lacquers, lipsticks and virgin hair from this black owned makeup brand.

Tyra Beauty – Created by supermodel Tyra Banks. This is a black owned makeup brand that allows women to sign up as “beautytainer’s and become an independent distributor creating their own home based business.

Valana Minerals – Creator and Owner Valerie Reed provides natural and vegan makeup products for women of color.

Vault Cosmetics – This black owned makeup brand offers fragrance free, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and allergy tested makeup. Founded by Jackie Mgido.

Vera Moore Cosmetics and Skincare – Former actress Vera Moore brings us makeup and skin care. There’s even something for the men, but you will need to buy your makeup tools elsewhere.

Notable Mentions

Bernadette Thompson – Celebrity nail tech Bernadette Thompson has launched a nail polish collection that definitely makes a statement.

Black Opal Beauty – Popular Budget beauty brand isn’t black owned at all. Owned by Mana Products Inc, whose CEO is Nikos Mouyiaris.

Black Radiance Beauty – Another mega brand marketed to black women isn’t a black owned makeup brand either. Bill George is the current President and CEO of Markwins International, also known as Markwins Beauty Brands. This company also owns Physician’s formula, lip smacker, bonne belle, and wet n wild.

Black Up – No longer black owned. A prestige brand targeted to women of color created by Bernard Fabrice Mahabo. To make a long story short, the creator’s brand took off and he needed some extra funds to expand. At that time an angel investor came in and the creator was soon voted out of his own company. The current Owner and President is Jean-François Damour.

Flori Roberts –  This makeup brand caters to women of color, and was founded by Flori Roberts in 1965. Flori is a caucasian woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is also the creator of Dermablend Corrective Cosmetics. Flori Roberts does have a black President Sharon Boone, but the parent company Color Me Beautiful Inc is owned by Steve DiAntonio. Other brands include Adrien Arpel and Gale Hayman Beverly Hills Cosmetics.

Ginger + Liz – Friends Ginger Johnson and Liz Pickett created this vegan friendly and non toxic nail lacquer brand in 2010. They have since expanded it to include a toning hand cream as well as a lip scrub.

Iman Cosmetics – One of the most well-known Black Owned Makeup Brand out there. Created by iconic model Iman. This company was recently sold to Color Me Beautiful Inc, so technically is no longer a black owned company.

Lauren Napier – No makeup being sold here, but a product you should definitely keep in your makeup bag. Creator Lauren Napier sells makeup wipes to cleanse the makeup from your face.

LaPierre Cosmetics – Brandi Blocker was inspired by her mother J.M. LaPierre to create LaPierre Cosmetics. Vegan nail polishes that supply a lot of colors with super catchy names

Royal By Nature – This black owned brand created by Asiyah Muhsin-Thomas will get you right from head to toe, with natural beauty products. There is no makeup to be had here, but you will find a mineral lip balm and a face spritz that can be used as a makeup setting spray.

Sacha Cosmetics – This company was founded in Trinidad and Tobago for women of color, and is becoming more and more popular by the day. Owner Kama Maharaj is actually of South Asian descent.

Shea Moisture – Many naturals are familiar with this brand for its amazing hair care products. Shea Moisture also has a cosmetics line. Sundial is the parent company for Shea Moisture, and is also home to a few other brands: Nubian Heritage, Madame C.J. Walker, and Shea Girl. The company is 51% black owned by CEO Richelieu Dennis.

Ushindi22 – Owner Destiny Lawson has handmade headdresses, hijabs, jewelry and a lip scrub to keep your lips smooth and ready for the lippie of your choice. No makeup to be seen in this cosmetics line yet.

This concludes the ultimate list of Black Owned Makeup Brands #BOMB. Only brands with active websites have been included in this list, however it is possible that I have missed some. Please let me know if there are any black owned makeup brands that I have missed in the comment section below.

disclaimer: I have not personally purchased cosmetics from all the brands listed above. Nor am I affiliated with any of these companies. This is a post based solely from my research and findings about black owned makeup brands. Please feel free to show your own personal experiences with listed brands in the comment section below.


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